Colorado Springs

Denver & Rio Grande Reds

Base-Ball Club



3/23/19 - Goodwill Match, Arena Sports Colo. Springs - 1PM

4/20/19 - Home Field Arena Sports vs. Denver Blue Stockings - 11 AM

4/27/19 - Cañon City TBD vs. Cañon City InterOcean - 1PM

5/04/19 - Ft. Lupton vs. Denver Blue Stockings - 11AM

6/01/19 - SABR Event Boulder vs SABR BBC - 12PM

7/20/19 - Victor Gold Bowl vs Victor Miner - 11AM

9/14/19 - Broomfield Depot vs Blue Stockings - 10AM

10/05/19 - CVBBA Playoffs - TBD





(Front Row: Stag, Whats Up, Scorpion Back Row: Mule, Hammer, Crush, Ginger, East Coast, Rambler - Arena Baseball Field)





Club Captain(s): Stephen "Scorpion" Castellani

Ballists for the D&Rg Reds Club:

Ron "Iceberg" Billings

John "Crush" Sumner

Alex "Hustler" Nunez

Ed "Speedy" Evans
Brandon "Peanut" Heser

Roger "Digger" Hadix

Kurt "Bread Basket" Beckers

Marc "Nilla Wafer" Canella

Dave "Bad Debt" Canella

Clay "Sparky" Prater

Caden "Dreamcicle" Billings

Chris "Catfish" Becker

Ed "East Coast" Ghent

Michael "Mule" Garrett

Jennifer "Ginger" Demary

Dave "What's Up"  Dock

Riley "Rambler" Limbaugh

Jeff "Thunderstruck" Matthews





D&Rg Reds Club Song


Oooh, We're the ballists from the Springs you hear so much about,

People stop and stare at us whenever we go out,

We're not a bit stuck up about the clever way we play,

We love our name, We love the game, and Here is what we say...

Oooh, As we go marching and the band begins to P-L-A-Y,

You can hear us shouting as D and R G Reds going marching by,


Whada we eat?!

Buffalo Meat!

Whada we drink?!





Colorado Springs Reds baseball team 1882

(1882 Colorado Springs D&Rg Reds)

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