Denver Blue Stockings

Base-Ball Club



3/23/19 - Goodwill Match Arena Sports, Colo. Springs - 1PM

4/13/19 - North Homefield vs. InterOcean - 1PM - Canceled

4/20/19 - South Homefield vs. D&Rg Reds - 1PM

5/4/19 - Ft. Lupton vs. D&Rg Reds - 11AM  

7/4/19 - July 4th Event North Homefield - 3PM

7/20/19 - Victor Gold Bowl vs. Canon City - 1PM

9/14/19 - Broomfield Depot vs. D&Rg Reds - 10AM

10/05/19 - Playoffs - TBD 



(Pictured starting at left: Crash, Buckeye, Viking, Red, Cannibal, Packrat, Dilly Dally, Soda Boots, Plug Ugly, Bucky, Suds.- Windsor Colo. Event 2018)



Club Captain(s): Dathan "Cannibal" Tinney & Shawn "Abraham" Viking



Ballists of the Blue Stockings Club:

Ian "Traveller" Tinney

Pat "Deacon" Massingil

Kyle "Dilly Dally" Abraham

Andy "Red" Regan

Paul "Wheels" Harris

Cooper "Soda Boots" Mikel

Barry "Brooklyn" Hill

Mike "Texas" Mikel

Justin "Hurricane" Breese

Ferril "Mad Dog" Mason

Bob "Buckeye" Mitchell

Tim "Crash" Stabbe

Paul "Bucky" Biwer

Roger "Swede" Peterson

George "Packrat" Orlowski

Pat "Hands" Phelan

Topher "Rebel" Rouse

Logan "Plug Ugly" Albert

Chuck "Suds" Knezevich

Gordon "Gordo" Phipher

Gary "Red Dog" Wicket

Matt Koziol

Steve "Jackrabbit" Roels

Kraig "Sully" Sulivan




Blue Stockings Club Song



Bonnie Blue Stockings
Words by
Patrick The Deacon Massengill

in the tune of "Bonnie Blue Flag" also known as "We are a Band of Brothers"


We are a band of base ballists from bustling Denver City.

We come to toss the ball around and sing to you our ditty.

And when the club is challenged,

Out proudly goes the call,

Three cheers for the bonnie Blue Stockings,

The champions of them all.

Hurrah, Hurrah, for the national game Hurrah.

Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Stockings the champions of them all.

Hurrah Hurrah for the national game Hurrah.

Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Stockings the champions of them all.

Hip Hip Huzzah!  Hip Hip Huzzah!  Hip Hip Huzzah!



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