- 7/13 - 10Am- Westminster Event at Wolff Run Baseball Park -  


Star BBC of Colo. Terr. vs. Lightning Bolts of Westminster


7641 Raleigh St. Westminster, Colo 80030




- 7/14 - 10Am - Eaton Event -


Colo. Springs D&Rg Reds vs. Fighting Reds of Eaton


114 Park Ave. Eaton, Colo. 80615




- 7/20 - 10Am- Gold Bowl - Victor Colo. Gold Rush Days -   


1st Match - 10Am - Colo. Springs D&Rg Reds vs. Miners BBC of Victor

2nd Match - 12:30Pm - Canon City InterOcean vs. Denver Blue Stockings

Final Match - 3Pm - Winners of Matches 1 & 2




- 7/27 - 1Pm- Silt Hey Days -  


Star BBC of Colo. Terr. vs. Star BBC of Silt Colo. 



440 N. 10th St. Silt, Colo. 81652







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Preserving The Heritage of 19th

Century Base Ball in Colorado







"We used no mattress on our hands, No cage upon our face; 

We stood right up and caught the ball with courage and with grace."

                                     -    George B. Ellard
1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings




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