Celebrating 30 Years of Base Ball Living History




June 24th 2023 CVBBA 30th Anniversary Celebration

Left to Right Top Row: Jose "Speedy" Solis, Merlin "Professor" Barnes, Paul "Yank" Langendorfer, Shawn "Viking" Abraham, Gordon "Gordo" Pfifer,

Richard "Rube" Foster, Jennifer "Ginger" Castelani, Bob "Buckey" Mitchel

Odd Back Row: Unknown, Pat "Hands" Phalen, Ian "Traveller" Tinney

Kneeling: Mike "Dawg" Brown, Paul "Bucky" Biwer, Grant "Ulysses" Saucier, Phil "Midnight" Curtis, Dathan "Cannibal" Tinney, Kyle "Dilly Dally" Abraham,

Joe "Lightnig" Overlie, Brooke "Pockets" Langendorfer, Stephen "Scorpion" Castelani, Ron "Iceberg" Billings, "Icebreaker" Billings

Sitting Front Row: Clay "Sparky" Prater, Cooper "Soda Boots" Mikel






2024 Schedule

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12/02/2023 - Dinner Banquet - 5:30 PM

Sideways Sports Lounge

*open to all paying CVBBA Member - Confirm with Commissioner by 11/25*




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Preserving The Heritage of 19th

Century Base Ball in Colorado







"We used no mattress on our hands, No cage upon our face; 

We stood right up and caught the ball with courage and with grace."

                                     -    George B. Ellard
1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings




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